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How to train your dog to play frisbee

Frisbee is a great way to tire out your dog and have fun in the process. You should understand the basics of training a retrieve before you start. Read my article about training a retrieve.

Training a dog to play with a frisbee is really fun once he has a basic understanding of retrieve. If you have not done so, read my post on training a retrieve.

Playing Frisbee

Please note: playing Frisbee can be quite dangerous for dogs and can result in hip injuries, torn ACLs, ruined knees, etc. I always recommend that you throw the Frisbee so your dog can "run under it" like a nice football pass vs. having to jump and twist to catch it. Ideally, in my opinion, dogs never leave the ground to catch a Frisbee.

Keep that in mind and talk with your veterinarian about getting a full checkup if you are planning on doing a lot of Frisbee.

 Start with the strategies for teaching retrieve as outlined here. Then, move the Frisbee around and say, “Yes” or click and treat when your dog mouths the Frisbee. Then, the next steps are as follows:

  1. Shake the Frisbee around
  2. Hold the Frisbee above your dog’s head
  3. Then, gently toss the frisbee up and spin it so the Frisbee so it falls straight down
  4. Then, gently toss the Frisbee towards your dog
  5. Reward with treats at the beginning, and then replace with your voice
  6. Do short sessions and put the Frisbee away after the session
  7. Have fun!

Product Recommendation

The only disc product I recommend is the Soft Bite Disc It is soft and easy to catch so it is easier for dogs to use, it floats and is very durable. Try this before you waste your time and money on something else.

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How to train your dog to retrieve

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