Basic to Advanced Training

Lab_puppyUsing only positive reinforcement, I can help with any training challenge you have from basic leash walking to advanced heeling, off leash control or other specific training goals that you have.

I have trained thousands of dogs and have honed my skills to adapt to any situation. The strategies for training dogs are based on understanding how to break down the desired behavior into small steps and train them individually until the dog is well-versed in the necessary skills. The second component is motivating a dog to do the behavior on cue.

Motivating an animal to do something on cue is no easy task, but I know how to do it. Every dog is a little different, but there are basic patterns and strategies that can be used in most cases. Troubleshooting and fine-tuning to achieve a high level of training success comes into play to finalize the behaviors.

Whether your dog hasn't had any training or many years of training, I will help gently and humanely bring your dog to the next level. My job is also to make sure you understand the principles and strategies to continue training on your own. My clients are often surprised to see how quickly I can achieve the desired results that they are looking for.

I look forward to speaking with you. Fill out my information form and I will contact you soon.

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