Dog Products

I use dog training products on a daily basis while training my client's dogs as well as my own dogs. I am a discerning customer and only use the best products.

I am a stickler on using the most healthy products that dogs love. I recommend finding 3-5 healthy treats and rotating them periodically during training.

It is also important to find chews, bones and toys that can be stuffed with toys and food for dogs to work with and extract food. Dogs need daily activities to keep them occupied and happy.

You can explore the following products and see if they are helpful for your dog's happiness.
Sensepic Sense-ible Harness
This humane walking harness is the best harness that Jeff has found for basic leash walking as well as on leash aggression. This humanely manages even the most difficult, biggest leash puller. You can purchase this at Jeff's other site Watch and Train.
PetBotanics2 Pet Botanics Dinner Roll
If you have ever worked with me your dog has tried this. It is called "dinner" but trainers everywhere use products like this as treats. Simply cut a slice off, cube it and put it in your training pouch. Cover the rest with plastic and put it in your fridge. Very soft and easy to break up and use. Also great for Kong stuffing.
Stuffaball Kong Stuff-a-Ball
This is one of the most effective tools to keep a puppy or older dog occupied. Most people know about the regular Kong products, but this is a variation that also should be part of your dog training toolbox.
Kong Kong Classic
A basic, incredibly useful toy. You might not know that you can stuff this with your dog's food or treats and freeze it to keep him or her occupied for even longer. Get multiples and hide them with your dog's food to provide hours of activity.
Wobbler Kong Wobbler
This is the newest in the Kong line. This is almost 11 inches tall and holds your dog's food. The only way to extract the food is through a small hole that is only reachable by tipping it over. A great way to keep your dog busy.
PureBites Pure Bites Treats
This is one of the best treats I have found. There are many beef liver products out there, but this comes in an easy to use flat shape that you can easily break into bite-size pieces during training sessions. A little of this treat goes a long way. Comes in pure liver, cheese and chicken varieties.
Dogswell Dogswell Treats
High quality treats available in chicken, duck and liver. Easy to carry and also good for stuffing in Kongs. Try hiding small pieces around your house and let your dog search for them. 
Venison Venison Treats
For dogs that have a sensitive stomach, venison is a common protein source that is generally easier on the digestive system.
Petz Dental Gel Petz Dental Gel
I was incredibly skeptical about these products, but they absolutely worked on my three dogs. It does take a bit of consistency to show results, but it is pretty amazing. I did find that alternating brushing with toothpaste and using this increased the results.  
Grizzlyoil Salmon Oil
My Collies and Sheltie need this oil to keep their coats shiny. One of my dogs dry skin cleared up after just a week of using this regularly.
Cosequin Glucosamine Tablets 
My dogs benefit greatly from this and I have noticed an improved mobility since giving it to them daily.
Grizzlyoil Antlerz
This is a great, all-natural dog chew to keep your dog occupied. As with all chews, I recommend only giving this to your dog when you are there to make sure your dog doesn't choke. Most dogs take quite a long time to go through one of these.
Leashes Training Lead
An important training tool for safely teaching off leash control. This length is a good all-purpose leash even for walks around the neighborhood.